BBN: Cafe Gratitude Cleanse and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Dear Friends:
I recently came home from a relaxing and meditative trip to the mountains. Like many of you, I work very long hours, and sometimes, unless I pull myself away, I can keep working. Though I love teaching and working, there’s this part of myself that feels uneasy and disconnected when I don’t take enough breaks or don’t vacation. I wind up feeling drained and my food choices and life choices start reflecting this. I know when I start to feel impatient, frustrated, angry, etc I need a vacation or some “me” time or more daily meditation.
Vacationing and daily meditation breaks are necessary to work better and live more joyfully with awareness.

I love the holidays and the space to breathe and the time to see my family even though parts of it are crazy; i love the smell of cold and the fireplaces; I love hot chocolate, warm chai, soups, and stews. What winds up happening though, is many of us tend to overindulge. Some of my clients and friends have told me that because of the alcohol drinking and eating of carbs and sugar from holiday festivities, they have increased their weight by 5-10 pounds. I hear often that many feel “it’s fun” to eat junk food and drink. And in moderation, this CAN be fun, however, sometimes fun becomes a way of numbing unpleasant feelings under the surface. We can seek sugar when we are seeking more sweetness in our lives or the stress is too much and to cover it up, we ingest something sweet to receive pleasure quickly. Haven’t you ever heard someone say, “Oh my God, that chocolate was better than an orgasm!” ( Though I think it may be healthier to self please your body than to always grab for the dessert). Sugar and carbs can be addicting. A new study recently showed that sugar can cause certain cancers. Some people compare sugar to cocaine or other drugs.  I am guilty of all of this during my life: overindulging, unhealthy habits, too much sugar, too much drinking. It can take an effort to come into healthy balance. However, your body is worth this effort. What I also know, is that my mind and my body feel healthy and clearer when I am taking care of it: I eat very little sugar, I drink coffee and wine once in a while, I eat lean proteins and mainly vegetables. My intuition increases. My decisions are more clear. I know what needs to be done and how to get there. I feel less bloated. I don’t feel as frazzled. I feel healthy.

Your gut is considered your second brain. And in Ayurveda, it is considered your first one.

Each journey begins with one step.

Here’s a New Year’s Affirmation to get you started:
“Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing” ~Louise Hay
If you need assistance, I am collaborating with Cafe Gratitude on a 3 day New Year’s Cleanse.
Here are the details:

Cafe Gratitude Cleanse and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation January 29-31, 2016:

*Receive a daily menu of organic and vegan teas, juices, soups, salads, smoothies already made for you, which you will pick up each morning from Cafe Gratitude Venice.

Sample: Day 1 (Each day is a little different):

8a: Green Superfood Smoothie with maca and hempseeds

10a: Juice: kale celery cucumber, and elmon juice

12p: Large salad with fig balsamic vinegrette

2p: Cleansing Elixir: Lemon, ginger, turmeric, and cayenne

5p: Seasonal raw soup

8p: Adrenal tonic with coconut milk

*Start to restore your health, feel what a plant based diet is like, all while not starving yourself.

*You’re ready to get on track with a healthier diet or you’ve been feeling constipated or bloated. (I do not necessarily condone a vegetable based diet all the time for everyone, however when cleansing, it can be very helpful to give the body a break from animal products).

*Have support from a group: Each day in the evening or early afternoon, we will meet, check in, practice kundalini gentle yoga and a meditation to help with cultivating protection, decreasing and clearing negative energy, improve self esteem, digestion, balance and help the mind learn to concentrate.
The hours we will meet in person:
Friday, January 29th from 6-7p, Saturday, January 30th  from 4-5p, Sunday, January 31 from 4-5p at my office in West LA on Barrington near Olympic in a space that overlooks a bamboo garden.

Addresses given upon registration. Free parking in my office building during yoga and meditation times.

Price: $169 (cash or check only).

$75 if you only want to do the Kundalini yoga and meditation (All levels welcome)
(We are getting an amazing deal. The price for everything: Food for 3 days and the meditations and yoga is valued at $300. You will save $131).
Space is very limited
How to register: Please contact me directly via email or call 310.721.0218. Please include any allergies or concerns.

(Note: this cleanse is not a prescription. Please speak with your medical practitioners before beginning this cleanse if you have health issues).

I’m so excited to begin this year on a meditative and radiant note with you. Let us choose what is sacred in our life, like our body and spirit, and elevate and strengthen it together.

Please be in touch and let me know if you have any questions.

Namaste and Happy New Year,



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