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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~Marilyn Monroe

Hi there,
Doesn’t change suck sometimes? There is really no other way to define it. It’s hard, inconvenient, exhausting, triggering, annoying, and (un)necessary, and can be amazing and worthwhile. You know those moments in your life where you get what you’ve been wanting for a while? Though an amazing thing, it can create a wave of chaos and change that surrounds all aspects of life. This can happen when you break up with someone or are getting a divorce, leaving a job, moving homes, etc. Even if you are organized and planned for the change, there is almost always chaos and a storm before the calm.As I start to change aspects of my job, this chaotic storm has been my experience.

We all know this feeling. It is so hard to surf the waves when the waves are crashing into us. We may not be able to control other people’s responses, however, we can make good choices to better navigate inevitable changes.

5 Steps to Dealing with Change:

1. Acknowledge what’s happening: Take into account that this change can be challenging, but eventually worth it. Being in denial about it will not serve you or anyone else around you. Be authentic. Name it with compassion, “This change is hard! It really hurts!” Notice if you are getting reactive and if this experience reminds you of something from the past. You may want to journal about it as well.2. Remind yourself that you are not alone: everyone takes turns at dealing with intense life changes. If they say they don’t, they’re not telling the truth. No one is immune.

3. Reach out to a friend or a professional: if it’s too much, consider asking someone you trust for help with navigation. Sometimes, we are too immersed in our stuff to see clearly or see other options.

4. Trust that you will adapt. It may take some time, but all will be ok. The calm waters will come back. They always do.

5. Honor the changes and feelings: express yourself, dance, have a big tantrum and cry and scream in your pillow, get a hug, make art, write all the screaming letters you need (don’t send them though. they’re for you to express yourself). Yes. Let’s own this: it sucks sometimes! 

6. Seek the silver lining: As you’re ready, without pushing, notice if any good has come from this change. Did you learn something? Make a new friend? Feel stronger? How can you make this situation better?

You are not alone. We are all in this together.

Sometimes we are the cause and or the effect of change in our or other’s lives. Try to step back. Note the intentions behind yours and other’s choices. Sometimes, we need to make hard decisions that better serve ourselves and the collective.

Let’s try to choose compassion for one another so we can live our paths with heart and mind.

Thank you for being on this path with me.

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Cool Stuff Right Now:
Some of you asked me what I use when I am getting or am sick. Here you go:1. Yogi Tea: I drink ginger and peppermint all day. Yes, I combine them.

2. Wellness Formula by Source Naturals. You can get these supplements at Whole Foods. Read the label for instructions. (Ask your doctor beforehand if it’s ok to take if you have health problems).

3. Buy ready made soup: Amy’s canned soup or go to whole foods for their soup that is already warm.

Feel better.

Movie Recommendation:
“Awake” is a film about Yogananda, the man who started the Self-Realization fellowship in the Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles and in Encinitas, CA. He brought yoga and meditation to the States in the 1930s-1940s. Streaming currently on Netflix.
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