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Spring is in the air with Spring Equinox around the corner (March 21st). Time travels fast sometimes, which is why I’d like to propose that today we start a love affair with ourselves and not in a selfish, self indulgent, narcissistic way, but in a way where we learn to love our own perfections and imperfections.
Don’t you hate it when events in your life remind you of your limitations? Me too. After a car accident I was in within the last few years, there are positions my body cannot do anymore. I have had to learn to be kind to these limitations, however, sometimes it’s hard when I teach because I cannot demonstrate them anymore. Some people define being good at yoga or Pilates in terms of how deep your twist is or how perfect your pose looks. (I think we think about life this way as well: if we look good, we’ll be good).

I don’t see things this way. How much fire or life you bring to your pose is way more interesting. How much of you is there? Are you on automatic or are you present? How kind are you being with yourself? You and your body will change as you age. What’s the point of beating yourself up for that? Accidents happen. And though they suck, they’re there.

Wouldn’t it serve us all better to honor the pieces of us that are vulnerable and need compassion? What if the compassion we feel towards each limitation is really the doorway to experiencing more freedom and love. Hence the theme:

Here are 10 ways to love Y.O.U now:

1. Make a list of all your good qualities: (Come on; there are ways you rock). Write them down. Ask your friends and loved ones to help you if necessary.

2. Do yoga and meditate: wake up your endorphins and connect to your spirit on a regular basis. I practice to be present and alive in my life and so I can handle whatever arises. Without these practices, I would be a mess.

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3. Genuinely Listen:  Breathe, give eye contact, ask questions, ask someone else how they are doing and really listen to the answer without needing to talk about yourself or change their experience. They’ll feel good and so will you that you made them feel good, honored, and heard.

4. Detox from technology: You can do it. Take a day to stay off of the phone and computer. Completely unplug. Go into nature if you can. Many of us are addicted to technology: it distracts our minds and keeps us busy. It’s important to slow down and learn how to be with ourselves in stillness.

5. Wear orange, yellow, and red: these colors represent the lower chakras and will help you feel more alive in your body. They are the colors of the sun and fire.

6. Clean out your closet:  Spring cleaning time. If you clear it, you will feel less cluttered internally and externally.

7. Explore your sexuality: There are many ways to explore what brings you pleasure. Let yourself play and find out what you like if you don’t know. Experiment. Maybe you will learn something new about yourself. The key word here is explore.

8. Take yourself on a date: Do something you love and learn to enjoy the company you keep. This can be anything: read at a cafe, picnic at the beach, walk on the beach, museum, hike, road trip, etc.

9. Meditate on this quote:  “You have to give to the world the thing that you want the most, in order to fix the broken parts inside you.” Eve Ensler

10. Ask yourself this question every day (every moment you can): Is the choice I am about to make aligning with who I would like to become?

Remember the more you can indulge in the parts of yourself that you enjoy and are non harming, the more love you will spread into the world because you will have the energy give because you have received. Take the time out for yourself. You deserve it.

With Love and Light


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“Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive”

~ Dalai Lama

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